Thursday, July 03, 2008

Back in Business - Almost

Thanks to an idiot hacker with a deviant personality, I have had two very bad days putting my computer world back together again after my spyware found a suspect file and tried to delete it. The attempted deletion of it set it in action against the registry of the computer and destroyed the boot up files so I could not boot it up at all. We got referrals to a great computer guy who chose the correct restore program to get me back up and running without losing most of my data files. All of my photos were stored in an external hard drive so those were safe, but all of the art notecards I had created and saved for reprinting, all my documents, all my art class files were at risk. Some were backed up and stored externally but many were is a hint....don't put off backing up important files! I didn't know until I was able to reinstall all my software programs how many of those I still had. My e-mail address list still is not completely restored and I have been unable to change that so far. Thanks to help from the computer guy (his name is Tom, also) and my Tom, I haven't had to do all of this myself; but mine has been the biggest share since I know how it was all organized before.

Today I will paint! If I had a photo of myself from yesterday to embed here, it would show me pulling my hair out. I love Thursday afternoons since that is my time to paint with my watercolor buddies at the Art Club. I am starting another canyon painting, a half sheet size. The last one I did has sold, this was the one where I started with a grisaille underpainting and that made it easier to not get lost in all those canyon depths. This one I will try without the grisaille and see which I prefer for canyon paintings as I have several of these to do for a possible future exhibit.

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