Saturday, June 27, 2009

Window to the Past - WIP 2

I forgot to stop and take a photo a few stages ago, I just started painting and kept on going. I have the shadows mostly established now on the wall stucco and adobe bricks and will start texturing the areas more next. I still need to paint what wood is left on this wall, also. At this point, I am trying to decide whether to deepen the values of that sky or not, I know I need to add some ground shadows under some of the closest foliage. Still plenty to do, but I'm still lovin' this one.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Window to the Past - WIP 1

This painting WIP is from another wonderful photo courtesy of Roch at NM Jeep Tours. It is of a crumbling ruin of an old adobe building. I have most of the center section done but will tweak the values once I get the adobe walls finished so I can see how much darker the values have to be.

As always, I appreciate Roch's continued willingness to have me paint from his excellent photographs.

I look forward to working more on this one!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bracelets for Aubrey

I made two stretchy little bracelets for my granddaughter, Aubrey, and sent them to her in a package with some goodies we found for her on our recent trip. She models one of these bracelets here. I guess she was pretty excited to get them and even recognized it was her package since it had her personalized pink address label with the bear on it, so it was from Grandma. Cool.

Even more cool is the fact that after opening the package and rifling through the contents, she asked if when Daddy gets home they could Skype Grandma and talk to her. A true child of the millennium! This is so cool being a grandparent in this age of easy communication with those who don't live close to you, they are but a mouse click away!

I found a package of these butterfly glasses for children and knew they would be perfect for her so included those, too. She looks mahvalous!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Easter Aubrey - 2009

I have been working on this painting of Aubrey now for over a month, off and on. Well, more off than on, but I am at the point where I dare not scrub out that basket handle one more time or there will be a hole in the paper! I concentrated on getting Aubrey done as well as I could and ended up messing up the basket handle. Duh. Anyway, I accomplished her dress and the mood of this scene and am fairly happy with it.

Aubrey is now a three-year-old, hard to believe she is that age already.