Friday, July 30, 2010

Complementary Iris - WIP 2

Due to hubby's health issues I have not been able to work on painting much lately, but I managed to paint with my art buddies again yesterday afternoon and made this much progress on this painting. I, obviously, will not make the July 31 deadline for this group project, but I like it well enough to finish it for its own sake (and mine!). Leaving it untouched for over a week does not make for a fast finish, but I enjoy working on it as I can.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Complementary Iris WIP

Due to my husband's two hospitalizations, I have neglected my artwork for quite awhile. I did paint with my buddies Thursday afternoon, though, and started this painting of an iris. This will be my entry into the project files for the Watercolor Workshop this month. We are to paint something using complementary colors, and this photo was one of the projects for last month that I did not participate in, so I thought I would combine both months and use yellow and purple for my two complementary colors.

The cactus painting I started so long ago is nearing completion, but I felt I needed to start something else and work on that while I consider what else needs to be done. I dislike letting paintings sit for so long because I lose my enthusiasm for the project, but it couldn't be helped this time. I will post it when I get it finished.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Why I have been AWOL

I have not been attending to my blogs or e-mail lately, I apologize for that but life keeps intervening. My husband is back in the hospital, and my focus has been on him. He is doing fairly well at this point, and we are hoping he can regain enough strength to come home and stay out of the hospital!

Yesterday, I decided I needed a "mental health" day and I spent two hours painting with my watercolor group at the art club. I truly love my art buddies! It did a world of good for me and I got started on an iris painting. I'll post the WIP when I get a photo of it, or the final if I don't get that done. The good news is that I am painting again!

Friday, July 02, 2010

Quick Note

Hi everyone...this is just a quick note to explain my absence from all Internet/Art related things for quite awhile. Twelve days ago my husband awoke me at an early morning hour having a seizure. While in the emergency room he was noted to be having some serious heart arrhythmia's which necessitated his being placed in the ICU, where he was told he needed a pacemaker. He was transferred to a hospital which performed those procedures and had that done. Complications followed, it was a rough course, but I finally brought him home Wednesday afternoon. This, after 10 days in the ICU.

All of my artwork has been placed on hold while I try to help him deal with all of this during his recuperation. We are handling things as they come and doing fairly well with the impatience of a slow recuperation. I promise to participate more fully ASAP.