Thursday, October 20, 2011

Next Victim (er...I mean Painting)

This is a photo I took years ago while visiting Sabino Canyon near Tucson, AZ. I chose to paint this photo on a full sheet of paper because:
  • I want to get the perspective correct of this canyon
  • I want to get better at painting boulders and rocks
  • I love the sunlight hitting all the elements coming from the right and want that contrast to show
  • I am a glutton for punishment
I have painted this one much earlier in my painting life and it was not a success since I couldn't do any of the above (well, except for the last bulleted item), so it will be a fun challenge to see if I can do any better at this point. I am wondering where this flop of my first painting is, if I can pull this one off I will post the first one so we can see if there is any improvement! Otherwise, neither will see the light of day.

Hang with me for some serious hand-holding....

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Grandchildren A-Z - Final

I finally have had this critiqued "enough" and have decided this is my final painting of Aubrey and Zane. Not my last one ever, but my last effort with this one!

I want to leave it with the tender softness I achieved and will not go for more defined contrasts, so will stop adding to anything. Poor little Zane's face has been scrubbed out so many times it will not allow me to make any more changes.

From the latest photos I have seen of him he has filled out a lot and doesn't look anything like this rendition anyway, so will chalk it up to Grandma's artistic license! At any rate, this is ready to be framed and go up on my Grandma's Gallery.

PS...For those who saw my earlier post, I deleted it since I had raised the contrast a bit and darkened the photo a bit before sending it along. After I saw it on the blog I decided I had overstepped how this looks in real life. When I look at Aubrey's left cheek in real life, it does NOT look like she has mumps! I am not sure why the camera picked up that look, but it doesn't do justice to the painting. Sigh.