Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bracelets for Aubrey

I made two stretchy little bracelets for my granddaughter, Aubrey, and sent them to her in a package with some goodies we found for her on our recent trip. She models one of these bracelets here. I guess she was pretty excited to get them and even recognized it was her package since it had her personalized pink address label with the bear on it, so it was from Grandma. Cool.

Even more cool is the fact that after opening the package and rifling through the contents, she asked if when Daddy gets home they could Skype Grandma and talk to her. A true child of the millennium! This is so cool being a grandparent in this age of easy communication with those who don't live close to you, they are but a mouse click away!

I found a package of these butterfly glasses for children and knew they would be perfect for her so included those, too. She looks mahvalous!


Vicki Greene said...

What a beautiful young lady!

Kathy's Watercolors said...

...she certainly DOES look mahvalous!

RHCarpenter said...

She has all her bling on and looks great :)

Barbara Sailor said...

Can I be your grand daughter? What a lucky young lady to have such a loving grandmother who makes jewelry for her and paints her portraits. Seriously - she is absolutely beautiful and how lucky you are to have a sweet, 'built-in' model.

bdycttdncr said...

Hi Susan,
I just left a comment under one of your trip pictures (the river view one). Thought I'd mention it here so that you'd go back and read it in case you don't check back on previous entries.
You probably are home from your trip by today. Is that right?
Anyway, I enjoyed perusing thru your blogs today. You are extremely talented. Ruth Bodycott

Michelle Himes said...

You have such a cute "girly girl" for a granddaughter. My granddaughter, Kateri, hates to wear dresses because her sword that she tucks behind her falls through. She is usually wearing a bow over one arm, a quiver of arrows over the other, a sword stuffed down the back of her shirt, and a dagger in her hand. I guess it comes from having 5 brothers who are obsessed with Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. Once in a while if I catch her on a Sunday when they just came back from church I can get to see her looking like a little girl in a dress.