Friday, July 11, 2008

Hermitage Peony

I am calling this Hermitage Peony since I took the reference photo of this magical, glowing flower three years ago when we were in Nashville. It was in Rachel Jackson's formal flower garden, near where she and Andrew were interred. This is my third attempt at doing this flower, I couldn't get the glow going before, but this time I did!

I used a macro approach and painted it to go into a 28x28 inch square frame. It is painted on Arches 140-lb, which I found better for the hard vs soft edges needed for this. The Kilamanjaro paper I have been trying just absorbs too much of the paint and doesn't give me the hard edges where they are needed.

I have so enjoyed my painting time this last month, it seems I can start a painting immediately upon finishing one and that is such a luxury. But, if I don't have some sales soon we will soon be run out of our house by all this inventory! Can't seem to stop, though. Thanks to the second infusion of metal frames for larger paintings from my friend, Woody, my head is swirling with ideas for more large paintings. I'll just keep on keepin' on with these.


Michelle Himes said...

Ooooh, Susan! Scrumptious colors on that white peony! Great light effect too.

Watercolors by Susan Roper said...


Coming from you with your wonderful florals, that is a compliment to be valued, indeed! I think I did rather well with this one and, in real life, that upper right corner is not so bright white as it shows in the photo so am quite pleased with the painting. Thanks again for your comment, it means a lot to me!


Nick said...

that's great Susan!

Anonymous said...

Talk about "glow"... I bet this painting glows in the dark. Just gorgeous.


Su said...

Hi Susan
I just want to say your work is inspiring and I just love this peony, I saw one of these for the first time at Chatsworth House, Derbyshire England when on holiday there in June.
I have not done watercolour for a while now as a few things in life put a stop to it, but I'm now ready to start again so i have added you to my blog list so I can be inspired by you also. Hope this is ok with you Su x