Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Shade on Yupo - Revisited (corrected)

I received some great critiques on this one from my buddies at the WcW. They noted that I had ended that tree trunk to the left of the umbrella pole at the umbrella canopy...a big no-no that I would have caught in anyone elses painting, but did I see it in my own painting? No! I also had a few floating table legs that needed to be grounded and while I was at it I added some dappled shadows on the outside of the yellow table leg. I like it better, although I was too blind to see the problems with it before. I hope that no one is afraid of criticism when painting so they don't want critiques, I see them as invaluable tools for artists to help each other and have learned so much by having my paintings critiqued, as well as doing the critiques for others.
Better now?

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RHCarpenter said...

Susan, your tables in primary colors on yupo are audacious and crazy and I love it!
And I've put your name forward to receive the Arte y Pico award (see my Wed. July 9 post to learn more about it).