Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Early Morning flowers

I was just fooling around with some early morning, sunlight-on-the-flowers photos this morning and here they are. I just love the contrast of bright light on objects such as flowers. These were taken with the macro setting on the camera and a macro lens. I may try to paint awhile today, but for now I will show you something pretty in the photo department instead of sharing any paintings.

I am taking my time with the Yupo iris painting so will wait until I am finished with it to share. With this being our monsoon, high-humidity time I am unused to having to wait so long between stages when painting on Yupo. It is an exercise in patience.


Anonymous said...

lovely shots!

Poulsbo florist

RHCarpenter said...

There is nothing more beautiful to an artist that to see that light on things making it glow and you've captured it well with these - I LOVE the cactus especially!

Watercolors by Susan Roper said...

Thanks Arlene and Rhonda! I probably did look a bit strange out in my yard so early in the morning, but I did change out of my pajamas first! The light was so lovely at that time, I am going to try to get more of these now.