Friday, July 04, 2008

Islands in the Sky - WIP 2

Making haste slowly here. I painted the butte in the middle ground area by the river and then added some more depth to the canyon walls. Brought up the midground and foreground color a bit more and will slowly add more to those. Next, I will detail the canyon walls in the foreground.

I used Kilamanjaro 140-lb paper for this and it is much softer than the Arches and accepts pencil lead for the drawing more readily than the Arches does. Now that it was wetted and stretched, the pencil lines won't go away very well, this is a problem for me since I don't like to have any pencil lines showing through. For any paintings involving a more detailed drawing such as this in the future I will have to remember to use Arches paper....lesson learned.

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Michelle Himes said...

I love your new blog template, Susan!

I also love "Islands in the Sky" - your canyon paintings are awesome!