Thursday, July 24, 2008

Iris on Yupo

This is my latest work in progress. I thought I was submitting it for final critique by the WcW group, but in the photo I noticed that clumpy upper right leaf so I will wipe that out and do over or leave it out. That is one thing I appreciate about painting on Yupo, wipe-outs and do-overs are easy! I'll await critique on this and see if anything else needs to be done and then go with it.

I was inspired to paint this in this format and composition after seeing a similar painting, done in extreme vertical format, on Sandy Maudlin's blog last week. Of course, her painting does not contain clumpy foliage or any flaws at all, she is so good! At any rate, I admit to being inspired by her iris painting, had a frame in this odd size (18x36) and bought some purple matboard and am all set and ready to go. That is, unless I wipe most of this out and start over. With our humidity as high as it has been for a few weeks, waiting for paint to dry on Yupo has required patience. I should be doing two of these at once so I can be working on one while the other is drying. I may try that with some hollyhocks, I have another frame that will accommodate this long and narrow format and hollyhocks can be painted that way, so might just have to do another, soon.

Anyone see anything, other than that bothersome leaf at the upper right, that needs attention (or wiping out)?


Vicki Greene said...

I certainly want to see what you do with the foliage. I love the iris. Really beautiful. And you have great colors in the foliage so if you wipe it out to narrow it, please don't forget all of the wonderful colors you used.

shicat said...

I really enjoyed the hermitage peony. Your landscapes are beautiful

Sandy Maudlin said...

Hi Susan,
I LOVE the luscious, velvety maroon you got on those lower iris petals! Isn't YUPO a blast to play on?

I agree that the leaves are overpowering the delicateness you achieved in the flowers. Possibly the almost parallel sets of leaves could be realigned to make less thrust out of the upper right of the painting, as well as quieting down that upper leaf area. Beautiful colors there make it hard to want to eliminate that spot.

Great job. Glad you found inspiration in some of my work - and you get to use up an existing Frame:) Way to go.