Sunday, July 06, 2008

It was a final....

The overwhelming critique was that my Islands in the Sky painting was a final version, so I will consider it done and move on. I am moving on to a Yupo painting so anything can happen with that stuff!

Any comments, critiques, suggestions for my new blog template? I discovered that you can create your own blog template by changing just about everything individually, background colors, text fonts, text sizes, colors of everything, etc. so I had some fun this morning. I did like the dramatic look of the artwork against that black background, but will live with this version for awhile, I can always go back to the other. I think it matches a lot of my Southwestern-themed art so will give it a try. I did, with some hints from my friend, Doris, figure out how to add my new favorite painting to the background of the header; that was fun! As my favorites change, I will be able to change that, as well. Wouldn't want to be boring or anything!

The first time I tried to change anything other than the default templates it would have been very difficult, but I now find that it can be done relatively easily so I think that must be a new feature.

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