Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Shade on Yupo

This is the July project for the Watercolor Workshop where we are to all paint from the same reference photo. We can make some changes, but I think the thrust of it is intended to see how we all handle the composition and subject. The closest table in the photo was a green, which I didn't care for in this painting so decided to go with a yellow one and keep all the colors of the tables primary, also to integrate the background somewhat with the foreground with the yellows.

This was painted on an 11x15 sheet of Yupo, which was a joy as well as a challenge. One advantage, getting those table legs, that are all in front of each other and behind each other, correct, was a nightmare. So, when I got one behind the other in the wrong color, I just wiped it out and repainted it correctly. You can't do that with watercolor paper very well, especially with these bright, intense colors.

I am awaiting critiques from the group on this one, if anyone sees anything glaringly wrong, I'd appreciate hearing about it.

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