Friday, July 04, 2008

Islands in the Sky - WIP

This is where I am with my half sheet canyon painting after a session at the Art Club yesterday with my art buddies. We always get so much accomplished at these sessions in addition to solving the world's problems, talking about grandkids, as well as laughing until our sides hurt.

My intent was to map out the difficult and intricate canyon paths with this underpainting, these are hard to follow from a photo! The ref photo was one I took a few years ago at Canyonlands Nat'l Park - Islands in the Sky district. That is the Green River which cuts its way through the canyon and it is indeed green. It will be greener than it is now when I am finished.

I had intended on keeping the underpainting pale and then going in and punching up the colors a lot. Now, I am considering leaving it soft as it is now and only detailing more of the mid and foreground areas to show atmospheric perspective better. I love how the watercolor did its thing by flowing together and whatever I do will only strengthen the colors where needed (foreground) but let the colors flow. Anyone got an opinion on this? I'd love to hear it....vivid or soft?

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RHCarpenter said...

Looking good, Susan! I remember your Grand Canyon painting and if it's anything like this, this will definitely be a winner :)
Happy 4th of July!