Saturday, June 28, 2008

Denali Tundra II - Final

I received a good critique from Jane in the WcW group, who suggested glazing a rose color over the back two land masses as they seemed a bit "raw" with the colors of green I mixed. So, I did that and now this is done. I like the way it toned that area down. All of those extra sets of eyes are so important to me. I did this one in three long sessions and after one looks at a painting for that long you stop "seeing" things that you need to see for self-critique.

When we were in Alaska it was too early for much of the foliage to have started budding out and there were no flowers. I was going to use my imagination to paint a Spring in Alaska scene so one of the other Watercolor Workshop members, who had been in these same places last year in June, sent some photos to show what the wildflowers looked like. It was so nice to see those and I was able to more accurately represent Spring in Alaska.

The reviews are good on this one!

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Doris Glovier said...

Susan, although I already commented on WcW about this painting, I wanted to say that this is a wonderful landscape. I agree, Jane's suggestions were right on. It always amazes me that such small changes can yield such great results. You are so right about sometimes being to close to the painting to see its strengths and weaknesses. I can't agree with you more about the benefit of good critique by other artists. It has not only helped me many times but actually saved a couple of paintings! : )