Wednesday, June 04, 2008

May 19 - Copper River to Denali

This was our first glimpse of Mt. McKinley, or Dinali as the natives call it. It is rarely seen since it is usually enshrouded by the clouds, but we saw the bottom and top so we were fortunate today. We saw it closer when at Denali Nat'l Park the next day.
This is a little of what we saw on the Denali Highway on our way to Denali from Copper River. The term Highway is loosely associated with this gravel road, but it wasn't a bad trip....long, but not bad. Our driver was from Alaska and she offered to stop whenever anyone saw any wildlife and we could take photos. It broke up the long ride and I got some good shots. We saw bald eagles, trumpeter swans, arctic ground squirrels, herds of migrating caribou, moose, ptarmigans, and lots of small game.
A bald eagle just sitting on a ridge across the way. I was able to use the digital zoom to get this photo, no telephoto needed. Just think about how large this must have been, though, to be this noticeable from that distance.
It is time for the Trumpeter swans to migrate back for nesting here. There were quite a few of them swimming where the ice had melted on these rivers/streams.
This was an Arctic Ground Squirrel. We saw quite a few of them and they always just pop up and pose so nicely! It is as if to say "what's up"! Another critter we saw a lot of were the snowshoe bunnies, but since we have soooo many bunnies here in Arizona I didn't get very many photos of them, no big deal?

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