Wednesday, June 04, 2008

May 20 - Denali Tundra Tour, Part II

Yet another shot of this wild and beautiful region.
This grizzly bear had two yearling cubs with her way up the mountainside. I borrow my husband's camera again and managed to get some shots, but none which included the three of them together. While this looks so close to us, it was very far away, which is fine when it comes to grizzlies...the more distance the better!
This was a Great Horned Owl nest which our guide had been watching for awhile. What a shot! Between the birds and the foliage they were living in, I was thrilled. There was another white little puff ball in the nest but that chick was not visible.
This is a Ptarmigan, it is the state bird of Alaska. In the winter time they change to all white for camouflage and in the spring develop more of the browns for the same reason. They are numerous throughout Denali, we saw lots of them.

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