Sunday, June 15, 2008

Zuke Blossom

This was a project painting for this month with the Watercolor Workshop group. It was a great photo to work with. We have two projects each month, one is to paint from a specified theme using your own photo and another is to have everyone paint from the same photo. This was June's project for painting from the same photo.

Now, on to painting the theme project painting....painting fruits and veggies of the season.


Terry said...

This is really amazing and I love it, my own plants are in flower in my garden and I hope that soon I will have some little veggies to go pick to have with our lunch

Nick said...

Seeing this and the march painting reminds me that according to a knowledgable friend of mine, green is the color that people truly see differently - you could paint sap green and another sees it as green gold. It might be worth trying to make a lot of variations in your greens in anticipation of the that phenomenon, and to keep it interesting. Great mountains in your April post!

Watercolors by Susan Roper said...


What a pleasure to have you look at my work and give a thoughtful critique, it is very much appreciated! In my self-critiques I had already decided that a variation in greens was in order and know where I went wrong with the zuke leaves...I underpainted with yellow, yet completely painted the greens over the yellow and did not vary the greens enough.

That, together with not relying on tube greens, is one of my short term goals. I have already stopped using straight tube colors, but mixing more colors with them to get the variations but will pay more attention to mixing my own greens and letting them happen more spontaneously on the paper.

Thank you for taking the time to comment on my painting on this blog, your comments are valid and much appreciated!