Wednesday, June 04, 2008

May 20 - Denali Tundra Tour, Part I

Today we spent six hours in a tour bus, seeing the Denali Tundra area. Our driver/guide was such a wonderful guide, he had a Master's degree in Wildlife Biology and drives a Denali bus through the summer months and does research during the winter months. What a resource for information! He also was great at spotting wildlife where we would have not even known to look, so it was a great experience. Here I am starting with another Arctic Ground Squirrel. Can't resist these cuties. This one posed, showing his better side, for about five minutes.
This was a drama shot in the wild, through a digital zoom camera that was zoomed to a telephoto length. I borrowed my husband's camera since it has a better zoom. This scene played out halfway up a mountain and was incredible to see. This bald eagle had swooped down and got its prey, then this magpie kept jumping in and trying to get some of the food. Either it was a very patient and tolerant eagle or a very stupid magpie! What a thing to see!
This Dall's sheep photo was shot with my weaker zoom camera. To the naked eye and through the lens it looked more like a patch of unmelted snow that "resembled" a sheep but I took the photo anyway and thought I could figure it out later. Well, as you can see it took a credible photo of a real sheep! There were many of these way up the mountainsides in Denali.
A shot of the beautiful and wild Denali tundra. I just marveled at the beauty of this place.

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Doris said...

Absolutely stunning photos to the point that I was brought to tears. Truly beautiful sights do that to me. Dumb I know but think you may accept it as a compliment to your photography. Gorgeous!!