Sunday, June 01, 2008

May 13 - Juneau

We took a photo safari on land and sea while in Juneau. Here is a Humpback Whale arching out of the water a bit. This was taken with a telephoto lens so, while it looks very close to our boat, it was a distance from animals were hurt in this exercise.
Here we have a bouy that has been overtaken by these sea lions. They were barking at us loudly, although they were farther away than this looks. Their coats were just gleaming in the bit of sunshine that peeked through the clouds. Little ones would try to slide up on the bouy and the bigger ones would push them off again, but they kept trying to get up there!
This is that same Humpback, only a prized tail shot. I got better with catching these as I tried more of them. You have to set the camera on sports mode or whatever lets you take rapid-fire shots.
This is the famed Mendenhall Glacier. This site almost made me cry it was so breathtakingly beautiful. I couldn't quite believe I was actually there, seeing it in person. This is truly Alaska now!
This is Mendenhall Lake, formed by the melting glacier and snow runoff. The water was perfectly smooth and showed off the blue reflections. The darker the blue color, the fresher the iceberg is from cracking away from the glacier. Cool, huh?

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