Wednesday, June 04, 2008

May 22 - McKinley Lodge and Wagon Ride

Since we had such a busy two weeks, on this last day of touring we decided it would be best to take a calm wagon ride. There wasn't a lot of excitement but we did see some nice scenery from above the McKinley Lodge and it was something different to do. These horses were huge!
Tom says he is showing Ernie a reindeer, but I think it is the other way around and the reindeer thinks that Ernie is a carrot! The cowboy and cowgirls were really swell about holding Ernie for good photos, even hooking him up for a ride on the horse.
One of the cowgirls showing off a set of moose antlers, they were enormous. They are shed each year, so this is just one year's growth!
This cowboy gave the demo for the obligatory gold panning when one is in Alaska. I have two cards now with the gold flecks I found, won't pay for the trip but it was fun to do, anyway.

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