Wednesday, June 04, 2008

May 14 - Skagway

This is the famed Yukon Suspension Bridge out of Skagway, Alaska. Tom chose to not cross over this and he took my photo doing it. It was a very wobbly feeling going so high over the river below, but Ernie and I did it together so we were fine. The problem was that once we made it to the other side it started snowing! None of these people is me, I will find the photos from his camera later. For those who don't know, I took along an Ernie (Sesame Street) doll and took his photo looking at all the sites we saw while in Alaska. He rode in my fanny pack for two weeks and saw many wonders at all the places we visited. Now that I am home, I will write a storybook for my granddaughter called "Ernie Goes to Alaska" and use the photos. So, Ernie had no choice but to accompany me, through the snow, across this bridge. He kept on smiling, though!

This is a lake in the Yukon region. It had this magical turquoise color and had most of the ice melted off it. It was beautiful!

Once back on the tour bus, we started heading down the mountain, and where on the way up there were beautiful mountain passes, all we could see was on the way down was snow, white out conditions. It was a scary trip down, but we all made it safely. Our tour bus driver looked to be about 14 years old, so it was a tense trip back, but he managed to get us back to the ship. He was a college student, but they sure do look young these days! For these two Arizona wimps, it was an experience to remember, though not want to repeat.

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