Wednesday, June 04, 2008

May 18 - Prince William Sound

Prince William Sound was just one of the unforgettable experiences on this cruise tour, but I think it ranks up there near or at the top as far as I am concerned. It was stunningly beautiful, colder than I have ever experienced before and just a truly unforgettable experience. It is probably also where I caught the cold/sinus infection that has plagued me ever since, but even with that it was worth it! What a place to see. Here I am holding a piece of glacial, hundreds of years old, ice that they captured off the cruise boat in a net. It was incredible to me to be doing that.
This is a rogue iceberg that among many that were floating away from the glacier at the end of PWS. The colors of these were just hypnotic, I could barely stand to look away from them. Just magical.
This was a sea lion haul-out rock. There were hundreds of them there! There was a rock away from the shore a bit from where the bull sea lion was protecting his harem and was he annoyed with us for being on his part of the planet! He was just roaring and barking away, even though we were not all that close. I don't see how the sea lions were able to sleep without falling off the face of this rock, but they all were managing to do that.
Some of the icebergs had resident sea otters. Regretfully, I did not catch any otters on their backs in the water, they were so cute. We were told they often give birth and nurse their young on these icebergs. This was a large one.

On the way back to Copper River from Valdez, this moose was on the highway and in no hurry to get out of our way, so the bus stopped and waited for it to move on. It was a large male and was the first good look at a moose while in Alaska. We saw quite a few more while there.

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