Thursday, June 14, 2007

Yupo Workshop - Day One

This was the first of two Taylor Ikin Yupo paper workshops this morning. I am showing a photo of Taylor, Barb and I at the workshop, as well as the Yupo painting I did on the first day. Taylor was very complimentary on my painting, and I was pleased with it enough since it was a workshop painting. I generally don't do great paintings in a workshop setting. This photo is deplorable, though, as it is raining outside and I can't take it in natural light and without reflections from the flash. I'll have to retake the photo when it is not cats and dogs weather.

Taylor is an excellent artist as well as instructor so it was a good session. Plus, Barb and I had a nice time painting together, as we usually do. This is certainly a remote venue for us to be painting together, though! Another plus of this follow up on yesterday's blog entry regarding Cheap Joe....I had my book with me this morning and saw him again at the workshops and he signed his journaling book for me, with an additional hug! It has been a good day, despite the weather.

Tomorrow afternoon we have our last session with Taylor, then Saturday is the trade show. I will be interested in seeing what vendors are there and what samples, discounts, etc. they are offering!


Artmaker - Cecilia Price said...

Hey Susan, I don't remember you showing us these photos of the workshop and the paintings on our list(s), this had to be wonderful fun! So glad you got to do that!

RHCarpenter said...

Carving the clifss with yupo really seems to work well - I'd say you've found a new way to get your cliff paintings :)