Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Downtown Walterboro, NC

We toured the heritage district of downtown Walterboro, NC today. Some of the buildings were pre-Civil War vintage, some in this area go back to pre-Revolutionary War days!

The first photo is of a swamp garden we visited this morning. There are supposed to be gators in the water areas, beavers, etc...but neither of us felt like walking the entire 3-mile pathway to get to those areas, and the mosquitos had already found my skin to be inviting, so we walked as far as we could and then went back. In this photo, the sunlight was coming in dappled through the trees and lighting the water on the ground, which was a dark brown color so it looks like rusty areas, but it is the swamp water at the base of the trees. We saw what we thought were submerged alligators, or rather their air bubbles coming to the surface. I guess that is not a disappointment to miss seeing them in person 5 feet below the bridge we were standing on!

The flower photo is of gardenias, they are growing around us in the RV park where we are staying. They smell wonderful in person!

The house is one of the ones I photographed in the Heritage District. It was difficult to get good angles with all the huge trees, with hanging Spanish Moss covering the front views of the houses. Speaking of Spanish Moss, we drove through an OLD cemetery, where all the tombstones were really old and the trees had hanging moss; it looked strangely spooky as well as beautiful and peaceful there. This photo doesn't show all the moss that was there, but the tombstones and statuary were beautiful.

Tomorrow is on to Savannah, GA. Hopefully, the weather won't be stormy, we could have rain. Later.....

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