Monday, June 04, 2007

New Mexico Pause

We decided to delay going through Texas by one day to allow the stormy weather ahead of us to clear, so we got a bonus, rest-awhile day. I decided to enjoy the morning by painting on our patio...had a wonderful session involving John Denver on the iPod, birds singing, a temperature of 71 degrees and painted five petroglyph small paintings. A morning doesn't get much better than that! We'll make a run at getting past a third of Texas on our eastbound trip tomorrow morning. It takes forever to go across Texas! Hopefully, the bad storms are past and we can make our way through and on to LA, ALA and GA for exploring before going to Boone. We may have to change our minds and head north before we go to those states if the weather requires more waiting. We are keeping an eye on Intellicast and proceeding with care. So far, so good. More later as we roost for the night in various places.

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