Thursday, June 21, 2007

Atlantic Ocean, Magnolia Plantation and Charleston

We first took a side trip today to Edisto Island so I could see the Atlantic Ocean, I had never been near it before. We found some neat seashells and I got a few photos. We next visited the Magnolia Plantation. We barely touched the surface of this magnificent old plantation, but it was wonderful to get to see what we did. We rode a train around the perimeter, which took us past slave cabins, the main plantation house, gardens and of all, the swamps! In the swamp photo, that partially submerged log in the center of the photo is actually an alligator! The gardens were so wonderful...I bet in the Spring they were really something to see with all the azaleas.

We then drove to Charleston for a little while. We walked along the oceanfront area, lovely old mansions, some newer homes done in the old style, etc. The weather was perfect, a light ocean breeze that was fairly cool.

A good day! We have decided to head back toward Phoenix tomorrow. Tom's done fairly well after his accident, but he still is nowhere near his baseline from before the fall, so just in case there is something that should be checked out, we want to have it done at home. Nothing alarming, it is just that we want to be on the safe side of this. So, we will turn our noses toward the West tomorrow.


RHCarpenter said...

Susan, thanks for the pics of the Magnolia Plantation - I've been there twice and it is gorgeous in the springtime! You have to love that trip around the swamp and the little bridge so like Giverney going over the water :)

Watercolors by Susan Roper said...

You are welcome, Rhonda! I loved being at the plantation gardens and think it would have been amazing to have lived there back in the day. It was such a large plantation and so beautiful. I am sure it would be even more beautiful there in the Spring, with all the azaleas I saw there. The same goes for being in Savannah and Charleston in the must be so colorful.