Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Happy Day

Today we drove along the Blue Ridge Parkway and enjoyed it a lot, took lots of photos, and had a great morning before it started pouring rain. So, we decided to run back to Cheap Joe's to get a few more things for my workshop with Taylor Ikin tomorrow. When I arrived there, Joe Miller himself happened to be in the store. I told him how pleased I was to meet him, but disappointed to have missed him the two other times I visited the store, with this journaling book in hand, to have him sign it but he wasn't there at those times. Then, when I finally met him I didn't have my book with me! He said "Oh, I am so sorry that happened that way, but I would be honored to sign a piece of paper for you and hope to catch up with you and your book during the art festival". He then gave me a huge hug! Here is the note he signed for me and I will have his book with me at all the workshops and the trade show on Saturday! He is truly a nice guy. For those of my artist friends, you know that he is like a star as far as art supplies go and a lot of us depend on him for our mail order supplies. So, this was great!

As we were leaving the store, my friend from the Sun City Grand Art Club, Barb Lang, and her husband arrived at Cheap Joe's. They were vacationing in the area and we had agreed and arranged to meet in Boone for the festival and take the workshops together. So, it was a happy reunion for us, too. I was so caught off guard by their showing up when we were there that I didn't think to have my husband take Barb's and my photo there at Cheap Joe's....drat! I'll ask someone at the workshop tomorrow to do that and post it tomorrow night. This is fun!

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ruth patterson said...

Susan you're making me homesick with those pictures of trees and hills. We're headed to Tn June 29th for two weeks. Sounds like you're having a great time. Be safe.