Monday, June 18, 2007

Beaufort SC

We made our way to Beaufort this morning. The first photo is of an old school bus that had been gutted and all the windows removed, making it a perfect vehicle for hauling watermelons! I might be odd, but I thought this was charming and just fun!

The Xterra is parked underneath one of the many Spanish Moss-covered trees here. That is some strange stuff! I walked across the street to the Federal Courthouse and found a wonderful Magnolia tree, with blossoms near enough the bottom branches that I could get some good macro shots. I love these flowers! They are enormous, and so waxy and beautiful.

We went to Hilton Head, also, but the only good thing we could find in our experience there was a wonderful bar-b-que place for lunch called Sticky Fingers. It was great! The beach area we finally found (after several trips around the loop) was so crowded that we could not have parked and walked down to the beach. I did get my first glimpse of the Atlantic Ocean, though, through some of the walkways we passed. This was one crowded, hard-to-navigate, place.

We may stick closer to the Walterboro area, which we are using for our home base while in this area tomorrow. There are lots of antique stores, etc., and I need to make a Wal-Mart run, too. The weather is still very warm and HUMID, but is was a bit cooler today than yesterday. It cooled off fairly decently last night and this morning was nice. That sure changes once the sun gets going, though.

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