Monday, June 11, 2007

Boone, NC

We made it to Boone, NC this afternoon. This is the campground we stayed in before, and made reservations in again. The creek in this photo runs RIGHT behind our motorhome. The campground is much more crowded this trip, we made the trip in 2005 in May, apparently June has more people in RVs out and about. We will spend tomorrow on housekeeping details (grocery store, some laundry, etc.) and then vegging out here at the motorhome. It will be SO nice to stay in one place in the motorhome for seven days....much different than being on the move every day for so long.

The weather so far in this part of the country is nice, highs in the seventies, which is so much better than at home right now. Starting Thursday will be the workshops for Boone in June and then on Saturday will be the Boone in June trade show. Supposedly this is a big event for Boone.

More tomorrow as we begin to explore....

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