Friday, June 08, 2007

Mississippi and Alabama

We left Lousianna this morning and have gone through the entire width of Mississippi and will go through the western part of Georgia tomorrow (including Birmingham, AL and Atlanta, GA) and will then head north toward Franklin, NC. We have promised ourselves a stop in gem-hunting country (as seen on the Travel Channel) and will do some hunting for valuable gems :>) for a few days. Then, it is on to Boone, NC for the art festival and workshops for three days and then....???? We will have to see how it is going at that point and decide where to go from there. We have had good traveling and good RV parks so far, we are hoping that will continue. All is well here, hope it is for you all, too.

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Cre8Tiva said...

susan...i found you thru a comment on doris' blog...i want to do what you are doing around the country, paint and play...i am enjoying your travel you sell paintings on the way...what kind of workshop are you doing in franklin...blessings, rebecca