Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Savannah, GA

We toured Savannah today, it was unfortunately a bad day for photography....rain and dark gray skies. But, we were there and I kept on taking photos, hoping for the best. We took a trolley tour of the historic district and the architecture there is wonderful; such old, well-maintained homes and mansions. The first photo is of Paula Deen's Lady and Sons restaurant. The people were lined up before 9:00 AM, with the line going around the block, just to talk to the hostess, who would tell people when they could come back to eat lunch. We satisfied our curiosity with taking photos of the place rather than using our time standing in line for that!

The second photo is of a Savannah River tugboat. If tugboats can be pretty, this one was....all sparkly clean and nicely painted. As we were riding the trolley out of the River Drive, a HUGE container ship from the Philippines came right up by the wharf and the tugboats were pushing it around. If we hadn't been on the trolley, that would have been an interesting process to watch the ship berth.

The third photo is of an entryway to a home in the historic district...a sample of what they look like. They are so large you can barely get the whole front in the photo and they mostly have the tall white columns. Just beautiful.

Tomorrow it is on to Charleston, hoping for better weather there.

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