Saturday, June 09, 2007

Alabama and North Carolina

The first photo of the tree flower is of a Mimosa tree...thanks Cia for identifying that for me! These trees are all over the place here, and are magnificent in large groups. We traveled today from Knoxville, AL through the width of central Alabama and on to Georgia. We made our way, carefully and frightfully, through Atlanta....not for the feint of heart! This was a frustrating and terrifying experience! We will probably never try that one again! I cannot imagine how anyone can do this trip through Atlanta on a week day...we did this on a Saturday afternoon and it was terrible. Of course, driving a 35-foot motorhome and towing a car probably was frightful on its own.

We will give the gemstone mines here in Franklin, NC a try tomorrow. I don't know how this is supposed to go, but if I end up with a bauble big enough to post, I will show you. One should always start out these ventures with high hopes! We will try to go on to Boone, NC on Monday and chill out for a few days before the art festival begins. After the last few days of pushing ourselves with travel that sounds great!

More tomorrow....Susan


RHCarpenter said...

Oh, Susan, that pic of the mimosa brought back such memories. My grandmother had a huge umbrella-shaped tree in her front yard for years - the hummingbirds flocked through it in the dozens and I loved those light,airy flowers. Your trip sounds great, especially the gem-hunting!! FYI Garnets are my birthstone, just in case you're planning on making any little jewelry items :) hee hee

djd said...

When I was young, in the southern USA, we called those trees mimosa. When I came to France, I learned that they are actually albizzia. Mimosa has small yellow ball flowers with a particular perfume.