Saturday, June 16, 2007

End of Boone in June

I went to the Boone in June trade show this morning and met up with Barb. There were lots of bargains and some free stuff and lots of people! I practiced some constraint (both due to money and space to bring stuff home in the motorhome) but still got some nice art goodies. We also attended a one-hour demo by an artist with Golden paints, which was extremely interesting. Lots of new ideas to inspire us! We asked a stranger to take our photo to show our bags of purchases and she got more of the ceiling than the bags, and of course my eyes are closed, but we only had the one photo, so this is it.

Barb and Charlie left right after the demo to head back to the Chicago area, then to Wisconsin and then back to Surprise. We are heading toward Savannah, GA tomorrow to explore that area. Lots of art stuff to repack this afternoon! The weather here has been so rainy and foggy that we will not be sorry to leave, and hope for sunnier weather in the next area we visit.

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