Friday, August 31, 2007

Test for blog video

I took this video clip of the Iowa River this afternoon to try to add it to the blog. So far, so good. I'll go to the blog in a minute and see how it opens.

This is our last day in the Amana Colonies, we leave and head toward Minnesota tomorrow morning. The Amana Colonies are a big German area and we have enjoyed all the German food specialities while here, in fact enjoyed them so much we have decided to just go to the meat market where they process and smoke all the meats for the local restaurants (they have been wonderful!) and buy some of the local specialties and take with us instead of eating any more carbs for awhile. I do believe we have both eaten more carbs in two days here than we normally would for two weeks! Good German cooking! We took a scenic drive through the colonies this afternoon and found a lake with water lilies unlike any I have seen. The lily pads were 2-3 feet in diameter! They really were something. I'd like to paint some of those.


RHCarpenter said...

The little video snippet worked fine, Susan :)
Sorry your old farm buildings and homestead have been replaced by new stuff. I hope you find photos at home so you can still paint them.

Watercolors by Susan Roper said...

Thanks, Rhonda....We are going to stay in one place in South Dakota for the next few days and I plan on painting for the first time since we left on this trip. I am so looking forward to that...I hope the bugs and the weather cooperate so I can sit outside and paint. I have about seven mosquito bites annoying me right now and we will be beside the Missouri River while I paint, so I'll spray OFF! on myself and go for it.