Thursday, August 30, 2007

Amana, Iowa...Day Two

After being on the road for a week, it was time this morning to do some housecleaning around the motorhome. This was after a monumental breakfast at one of the Amana Colony restaurants, unbelievable! We went to another restaurant for dinner tonight and decided we just cannot do that again....we will spend tomorrow and probably the next few days "drying out", with no carbs.

We went to Cedar Rapids this afternoon and saw Collins Radio as it is now....Tom worked here forty years ago for a few months before being sent to Viet Nam for Collins. Some things were the same, many had changed. We made a Wal mart run and then drove around taking photos. The Cedar River runs through the city and we found a few places to take photos, that is the big river in the photo. The other photo is of the creek that runs alongside one side of our RV park here. One additional Cedar Rapids note...Quaker Oats is here and when you are walking alongside the river you can smell the oats cooking. Really was interesting. General Mills is big here, too.

We will do some more sightseeing tomorrow and then it is on to Albert Lea, MN to check out my Norwegian side of the family's old homestead farm. I want to take photos and possibly paint it. I have certainly collected enough photos of barns and farms to be able to do a 100-painting series! The barns, especially, are so two seem alike in any area but all are beautiful buildings.

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