Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Kansas to Nebraska

We left Dodge City, Kansas this morning and stopped this afternoon near Grand Island, Nebraska. We finally got to an Interstate heading in the direction we want to go. We have decided that after traveling for three days on farm highways that Interstates are the way to go. There still is traffic on the smaller highways, lots of local haul trucks going very fast, and too many small towns where you have to slow to 20 mph, which really slows progress. However, I took 132 farm and barn photos today, and enjoyed seeing those small towns. The main street photo with this submission is one of the many small towns we went through today, I couldn't tell you which one. But, this is memorable for the brick street we traveled over, it shook everything loose in the motorhome (including the passengers!) and was quite an experience.

It has remained windy here on the Plains and tonight we had a thunderstorm. Thankfully, nothing monumental but when it thunders on the Plains, you know it!

Tomorrow we plan to head east and go to the Amana Colonies for a few days. We have been on the road for three days now and want to stay in one place for a few days. I can't think of a better place to do that with all the wonderful restaurants there....two days of gluttony!

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