Friday, August 24, 2007

August 24, 2007

We are in Las Cruces, NM until Sunday morning. We visited White Sands National Monument today. The "sand" is actually gypsum and in parts was a pristine white color. There are parts that have desert plants growing through the gypsum, and parts were high drifts. Then, we went to Three Rivers Petroglyph Site, a NM State Park. This has to be the highest volume of glyphs in one place of all the petroglyph sites we have visited. There were many glyphs that we had not seen before anywhere, and lots of them. The downside was that we visited between noon and 2:00 PM on a very hot and sunny day. We had to quit before the end of the trail happened because we got too hot, but not before I had just about ruined my poor feet climbing over many rocks to get good angles for the glyph photos (I took 125 photos there). At any rate, it was a wonderful petroglyph site to visit and after we downed 44-ounce icy diet drinks in Tularosa, we were revived and came back to Las Cruces. Tomorrow we will visit Hatch, NM...famous for Hatch Chiles. I want to try Chile Rellenos for lunch tomorrow at one of the local restaurants and possibly buy some chile ristras. Should be fun. No more rock climbing in the hot sun, though, for awhile!

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