Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Amana Colonies, Iowa

We are at the Amana Colonies in Iowa for the next three nights. We had our first really scrumptious dinner tonight. We will have to limit ourselves to trips to the restaurants since we could over-do without much provocation. But, we plan on a few more good meals while here! We drove without sunshine all day today but didn't get any rain until the last 15 minutes we were on the road, as we arrived here at the Amana Colonies RV Park. It is a huge and nice facility, as we remembered it.

Tom has worked with our satellite receiver and gotten it all to work except for last night, when it was so stormy and windy the dish wouldn't stay stable on the roof of the motorhome. Otherwise, it is great to have satellite reception when we are in the boonies! There are no trees blocking the direction of the dish here (as shown in the photo), so it should all work well. The sun has finally come out, it is about 7:00 here. Nice, mild temps. We read that the Phoenix area is having record heat right now, I am so glad we planned this trip! After spending half of July and most of August there, it is good to be away for awhile. Hopefully, when we return it will be to cooler temps there.

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