Saturday, August 25, 2007

August 25, Hatch NM

We drove to Hatch, NM today, it is time for the chile harvest there. Their annual Hatch Chile Festival is next weekend, I am glad we went when it was a bit quieter. There were quite a few vendors selling chiles and others were roasting huge bags of chile for sale. We bought two of the chile ristras, went to a chile field and took some photos, then ate lunch at a local Hatch restaurant. We both had local chile rellenos...yum! I bought a small basket of Anaheim chiles to take along and make rellenos on our trip as well as some local ground chile powder to make future enchiladas. We went right to the source! Hatch is purported to be the Chile Capital of the World...I don't know how true that is but they certainly sell a lot of chiles and chile products.

Tomorrow we plan to head toward Tucumcari and then on to the Midwest, barring floods or anything else going on where we are headed. We are watching that closely and may have to change our plans for destinations again...if it isn't fires in the West it is flooding in the Midwest. We will try to stay out of trouble.

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