Sunday, August 26, 2007

Tucumcari, NM

We traveled from Las Cruces to Tucumcari, NM today. We avoided the busy interstates and chose to drive through the ranching highways and less traveled roads. Well, today that didn't work out as we had planned, there was a lot of traffic and more construction than we thought we would encounter. No problems though, and we arrived to our RV park for tonight, which happens to be off of Route 66. I can remember traveling through Tucumcari as a girl on our trips to Minnesota and I think that, though that was a long time ago, many of the same motels are still in business. Route 66 is still Route 66 here.

Tomorrow we will travel through the extreme northwest corner of Texas and into Kansas. The weather is cooperating so far, will hope for the best with that in the days to come.

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