Sunday, September 09, 2007

September 9, 2007 - Big Sky Country

We traveled to Helena, MT today. The sky was very cloudy most of the day but we didn't have much rain to contend with and had patchy sun, which makes for interesting patterns on the landscape. I didn't know that I-90 snaked alongside the Yellowstone River for so many miles, it was a wonderful ride to keep seeing this twisting river. The clouds and sky are so fascinating here, again I see why this is called Big Sky Country.

Tomorrow we head for Glacier Nat'l Park and will spend a few days there at least. We talked to an RV park manager there today where we will stay and he said the weather was sunny and cold. Tonight, here in Helena, we were warned to disconnect our water hose to the motorhome overnight since there were possible freeze warnings. I'm glad we brought heavy coats, the closer to Glacier we get, the colder it gets.

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