Thursday, September 06, 2007

September 6, 2007

We went to nearby Mount Rushmore this morning after arriving in Hermosa, SD. It was overcast most of the morning but I got a few shots of blue skies and sunshine on the presidents. I was amazed at the details obtained in these massive sculptures. I noticed that Roosevelt's face even had spectacles sculpted from the rock, amazing. I zoomed in on that so you can see them.

We will have a quiet afternoon here at the motorhome and then tomorrow will scoot around the Black Hills area some more. We plan to stay here until Sunday morning, when we will head toward Glacier Nat'l Park. I spoke with a ranger this morning from there and she assured me that the recent rains have washed the smoke from the wildfires away from the park and so we will go there while we are closer to there. Maybe we will finally find some cooler has been so warm/hot wherever we have been. A cool front moved in last night and it rained quite a bit overnight, but has cleared this morning and left it a small bit cooler.

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Ben said...

I remember it was raining when we went as kids. The detail shows up better in the sun.