Saturday, September 08, 2007

September 8 - To Montana

We left this morning on our way to Montana. Last night, before the sun went down it was almost 90 degrees. By this morning it was a pleasant 61. One hour into our trip West it was raining, windy and the temp had dropped to 47 degrees! Finally, cool weather, this has been lacking so far on our trip and was welcome, though a big surprise!

We stopped for the night earlier than normal this afternoon after learning that we were near where the Battle of the Little Bighorn took place (we are both, regretfully, geographically and historically challenged!). We went to the National Monument for a look at where it all happened. It was in a beautiful setting, I see why Montana is called "Big Sky Country", yet so solemn when you consider so many died there. There were many markers showing where the cavalry soldiers fell, and a monument to their horses who also died. This was one of the better National Park Monuments we have visited, no concessions selling ice cream cones, coffee mugs, etc. Very nicely done.

Tomorrow we will get closer to Glacier Nat'l Park and try to get there Monday sometime. Hopefully the rain has doused the fires by now, we sure had lots of water today.

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