Monday, September 10, 2007

September 10, 2007 - Glacier Nat'l Park

We arrived in the Glacier Park area this afternoon and will plan to take in sunrise in the park tomorrow and take the Going to the Sun Road loop. This area is so beautiful, and we haven't even been in the park yet. I am sure it will be a wonderful experience and worth many photos.

This morning we followed the Missouri River as it winds alongside I-15, it was so peaceful-looking. It is much smaller here than in Chamberlain, SD where we saw it at probably its widest, it was like a huge lake there.

Our RV park that will serve as our home base for the next few days has a wonderful 360-degree view of trees and mountains. I included the motorhome photo and the view from the motorhome window above. The afternoon wind brought in a small amount of smoke from the western wildfires, but it wasn't bad and now that the wind has settled down there is none, I hope that continues for the next few days so we can get good, clear photos and see everything in its glory.

I'll be sure to send photos of the wonders of Glacier tomorrow. When I return home I plan on making new travel photo albums for my Flickr site since I can't include very many here. I have taken a little over 2,100 photos so far (thankful am I for digital cameras and no film processing!) and I am sure that Glacier will be good for many more starting tomorrow. There are so many views that beg for panorama photos that I am taking lots of those to practice with stitching them together. Good fun!

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RHCarpenter said...

Susan, I am loving looking at your photos and travelling vicariously through you - those mosquitoes like me too much, too :)
Will be watching for Glacier pics to come!