Thursday, September 13, 2007

September 13, 2007 - Back to Helena

As we retraced our way to Helena today we had more glimpses of the Missouri River along I-15.

It was a welcome sunny day to travel. As we left the East Glacier area this morning, it was 30 degrees! Our vehicles were covered with ice. It got warmer as we headed east and then south and was quite nice by the time we got to Helena. Tom looked up the forecast for where we were this morning and tomorrow morning it is supposed to be 28 degrees! Hopefully the most brutal part of the summer will be ended by the time we return to Phoenix, we have been very cold on this last leg of our trip and look forward to some mild weather....not HOT and not cold.

We leave for Anaconda tomorrow and will spend a few days there before heading toward home. If I find a large sapphire tomorrow, I will be sure to let everyone know and take a photo! It should be fun anyway, and the Anaconda and Phillipsburg areas are supposed to be steeped in history of the old west...more photos to come.

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