Saturday, September 15, 2007

September 15, 2007 - Sapphire mining, day two

We have concluded our sapphire mining experience for this trip. We went to Gem Mountain mine today and spent hours washing and combing through gravel and found only a small amount of small sapphires. We got very tired of lifting, bending and standing so came home about 2:30. That was a long day, however, according to my feet. I am sure though that had we found a really big sapphire that we wouldn't be nearly as tired right now! The setting of the mine was beautiful, that is the first photo. The haziness in the background is from the ever-present smoke drift from wildfires here in western Montana. We passed by a base camp for the firefighters on the way to the mine, they have quite an operation set up. The second photo is of part of the mine work area, it got pretty crowded by noon.

Tomorrow we will have an easy, no driving day and get the motorhome ready for the trip home. I may even try to paint something, not much of that has been done on this trip...too many photos waiting to be taken for future paintings, I guess.

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