Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Studio Build - Drywall

No painting going on here while I try to deal with my first bad cold in five years. I was starting to feel like I was invincible regarding colds and flu, then boom....it hit. In the meantime, the studio build continues. They finished the drywall yesterday and will start the taping/texturing either this afternoon or tomorrow.

My goal is to be healthy enough to participate in the big ArtChix sale this weekend at SCG. This will be a good one and I would hate to do anything that causes a relapse so that I have to miss it. I have had to push back the start of the Beginning I Watercolor class I was to start teaching today until next week. I am sure I am still contagious and my foghorn voice would not see me through an entire class, so it had to be postponed; along with some other activities for this week. Really poor timing, but lesson learned...I am not invincible.

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