Sunday, January 07, 2007

Regarding the Bird of Paradise.....

After submitting the B of P painting to the online critique group (Watercolor Workshop) and garnering comments from others here at the art club, it looks like the opinions to make the colors more vivid as opposed to leaving it as is, soft and glowing, were about 50/50. So, I think I will consider this finished as is and do another (hopefully before long) with more vivid colors typical of some varieties of B of P and do it on at least a half-sheet of paper. The comments on the "abstract" nature of this painting makes me wonder if it shouldn't be larger to exploit that, with larger negative spaces surrounding the flower. So many ideas, so little time!

I bought a few wonderful frames at the Aaron Bros. penny sale yesterday that would be good with a half-sheet size painting so if I needed more motivation, that would help. Usually, I have more motivation and inspiration than time to carry them out. Beginning this week my Beginning Watercolor classes I teach will begin for the next two months, so that will add two paintings a week to my efforts; but I tend to choose paintings I have done already that I feel demonstrate a particular focus for each week, so they don't require much inspiration since I have done them already at least once. I will be framing my Tumacacori Granary painting from last October for the ArtChix sale Jan. 13th and 14th at the SCG Art Club, and if it is still available it will be brought to the art club display change on Jan. 25th. I have given up trying to decide what will probably sell and what won't anymore, all I can do is bring a wide selection and wait for something nice to happen.

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