Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pears in Silver

Back to the painting! This is a demo painting I did in yesterday's mentoring class. The focus was on creating the somewhat shiny look of old silver, which takes on the colors of its surroundings as well as modeling of the pears and bowl shapes. They also were encouraged to be brave and try some spattering on the background after they had finished the paintings. I showed them the great trick of applying clear Contact paper over the dry painting, then carefully cutting around the fruit and bowl shapes, lifting the excess Contact paper and then spattering with a toothbrush to create some texture in the background. They were just sure I was going to cut into my w/c paper, but thankfully I did not. So far, I have had success with using this Contact paper technique and haven't cut the paper yet. I hope I don't break that streak any time soon!

This was a simple painting but fun to do and you always learn something when you tackle a painting, I think this was my fourth time to paint this one.


Sandy Maudlin said...

Great demo, Susan. Nita Engle told us once that she used a scrubber so much in one spot on her Arches that it made a hole in her painting. She of course, threw the paionting away. I'd have taken it, hole or not. I don't think that a cut with a blade partially into the paper surface wouldn't really hurt the painting unless you painted over that area again. Happy painting.

Watercolors by Susan Roper said...

It was a good demo, Sandy! Most of these ladies are more on the intermediate level but we all learned something doing this simple painting.

I had thought the same thing that if I was not going to paint over the pears again a small cut in the paper surface shouldn't hurt much. If you painted over it, you would have a darker line where the paint seeped in, I suppose, so you have to be finished with what you are masking before cutting.