Sunday, February 21, 2010

Grandmas' Heritage

Yesterday, I did a photo shoot of this set up. It represents something I have wanted to paint for a long time. I am the proud recipient of some wonderful artifacts from both of my grandmothers, as well as one great-grandmother. I have put off painting this, however, because of the daunting detail and not feeling I was up to the challenge yet. However, I decided to go ahead and commit to painting this here on the blog, like everyone will bug me about keeping at it once I start! I will be in a three-artist show in July and will need a few more large southwestern paintings before I work wholeheartedly on this one, but if I get all of that detail (!) drawn on the full sheet of paper, I can pick it up now and then and work on it. Go slowly, Susan!

The quilt was made for me by my paternal grandmother, every stitch is evenly spaced by hand and I still remember the garments from which many of these scraps are from! The sewing machine was my maternal grandmother's, I researched it online and it was manufactured in Secaucus, NJ in 1922. The cow cookie jar was in my paternal grandmother's house, next door to ours while I was growing up, and she would make extra buttermilk biscuits every morning and put a couple of them in this jar for us to have after school. No microwave ovens to heat things then, but I still remember the taste and texture of her biscuits, cold and with butter and jam for an after-school treat! The almost-hidden cake stand (under the doily) was my maternal great-grandmother's. The doily from that side of the family, also. The teapot on top of the cake stand was won for my mother by her mother, tossing softballs at milk bottles at a County Fair! How cool is that?

Don't give up on me in this endeavor, I am determined to paint it!

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